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Summer at the Elmbrook Farm ~ Mirror Lake, NH

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Summer at the Elmbrook Farm ~ Mirror Lake, NH

Original oil on canvas ~ Jean Colquhoun

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  1. Phyllis Margaret Heffron

    I have acquired an oil painting signed by Jean Colquhoun that almost exactly like this one: “Summer at Elmbrook Farm-Mirror lake, NH” . The difference include: no lake but instead a haywagon and small haystacks in that space, the signpost for Elmwood Farm is another color, there are more figures around the house and the mallet of the croquet player at the furthest to the right is bright red. Other than those few changes it the house and the croquet players look identical. Is this a fake?? It appears to be in an old frame, is well matted. I bought it at a garage sale some years ago. Thank you for any information you can give me. I would be happy to email a picture of it to you.

    • I have only painted on canvas and wood so therefore it would not be matted.In the 1980’s I did a calendar for a company no longer in existence and they sold the leftovers to a chop company who sold the prints. The one you have was done on wood and the original is or was hanging in the corporate office. It was on a large board and that had room for the lmonth and a vignette .
      I have never myself done prints and I painted Elmbrook Farm because I was reminiscing my youth.
      Would be interested to know if it was matted in a dark blue matt? But until recently I have always painted on wood.
      Thanks,Jean Colquhoun


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